Corporate Profile

China Cultural Tourism and Agriculture Group Limited (formerly known as TFG International Group Limited) is a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands on 18 July 1988 and has shares of which are listed on the Main Board of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited (stock code: 00542) since November 1989. The Group is currently engaged in a diversified business portfolio comprising cultural tourism, e-commerce sales, agricultural products and food processing, hotel business, and property development in the PRC.

The Group completed an acquisition of the entire issued share capital of China Cultural Tourism Group Limited on July 24, 2023. After the acquisition, the Group enlarges its business exposures aiming at creating a joyful international tourism destination which specialises in feature towns, themed entertainment, cultural attractions, and hotel management. The Group owns, after the acquisition, a number of high-quality tourism resources in the Greater Bay Area including the Taishan Gold Coast International Resort* (臺山黃金海岸國際度假區) in Jiangmen, Guangdong, the Zhongshan Quan Lin Happy World* (中山泉林歡樂世界), the Beilala Animal Kingdom* (貝拉拉動物王國) and Golden Splendid Hotel Management Group* (金輝煌酒店管理集團). The cultural tourism and agricultural products and food processing business give the Group more business connotation and rooms for development.

The Group is considerably engaged in the agricultural products and food processing, with the brands owned by it after the acquisition such as “Ganka” (柑卡), “Huangchanghao” (皇昌號), “Cangfuji” (藏福記) and “Hainongdao” (海農島), by integrating supply chain of the farms, food processing factories, and marketing and logistics channels located in the Greater Bay Area.

In line with the national goal of promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, the Group has built up an e-commerce sales platform, namely the “Box Sister Selection” (盒姐甄選), which selects products strictly from a global perspective by integrating the supply chains, advanced manufacturing and modern service industries.

The Group owns a 5-star standard luxurious hotel, namely La Palazzo Hotel, Maoming (熹龍國際大酒店) located in Maoming City in the PRC.

The property development segment engages in the sale of quality residential and commercial properties in Zhongshan, PRC and will continue to explore other development projects in the PRC.

The Group strives to become a leading brand in the cultural tourism industry, enlarges its exposures in agricultural products and food processing and domestic e-commerce sales by making full use of its funds, cultural and tourism resources, and commits to become a dynamic group so as to enhance investors’ confidence and preserves the interests of the shareholders.

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